Since 1954, homeowners and business have called R&F Paint Corp. for a variety of improvement needs.


R&F Paint Corp. has full time carpenters on staff. We’ll help you add a touch of elegance to any room with simple enhancements, such as installing crown moldings, adding chair rails or wainscoting. Freshen up your interior by painting or re-staining your existing wood trim or removing it and replacing with new moldings and trim.

Types of Carpentry Services Provided:

•Trim Work
•and more – call today for a free estimate!


Whether replacing yards of damaged wall or filling in a small hole, we are ready. R&F Paint Corp.’s repairmen are skilled in sheetrock, plaster, and stucco repair.

R&F Paint Corp. guarantees your drywall repair will be done professionally without corner cutting. We job will do the repair to your specification and we’ll make sure you are pleased with your repaired drywall. And we’ll even match the paint so that you’ll never know that the wall was ever damaged in the first place!


Make your kitchen and/or bathroom look new again for a fraction of the cost!

The expert cabinet painters from R&F Paint Corp. will strip and sand your cabinets, repair any dents or cracks, sand the surface smooth and free of dirt and any prior finish, and then apply a durable long lasting paint or stain. The result will be expertly finished cabinets that fit your budget. R&F Paint Corp. can give those worn cabinets new beauty! Refinishing cabinetry is one of our favorites specialties!


Pressure Washing, aka Power Washing or Pressure Cleaning, by R&F Paint Corp.

R&F Paint Corp. adapts the pressure applied and detergent concentrations for each custom situation, whether pressure cleaning siding and windows or power washing walkways and driveways. Your home or business is in great hands with R&F Paint Corp.’s experienced pressure washers.


Preparation – No job is too big or too small. R&F Paint Corp. prepares decking prior to painting with a thorough pressure washing to remove dirt, mildew, moss, damaged surface wood fibers. Rough areas are sanded as needed to restore a smooth finish. R&F Paint Corp. will then help you choose the right stain or paint to compliment your home and landscaping.

Deck Staining – Next we carefully apply one or more coatings of high grade paint or stain that can withstand the damaging heat and UV of the summer sun, the cold of winter, and regular exposure to moisture. Your deck is in caring hands with R&F Paint Corp.’s experienced deck painting and staining professionals.

Affordability – Priced just right, R&F Paint Corp.’s deck painting and deck staining jobs are always a great value. Call today to find out how affordable R&F Paint Corp.’s deck painting service truly is.

Satisfaction Guaranteed– R&F Paint Corp. guarantees that you will be satisfied with your freshly painted or stained deck. You’ll love being outside enjoying your newly stained deck!


R&F Paint Corp. is the affordable solution to keeping your home or office building water tight.

R&F Paint Corp. is a leading provider of Waterproofing services. Our expert waterproofing technicians have years of experience treating homes and buildings to resist the effects of weather and water. Water damage is a terrible thing. Water causes walls and ceilings to crumble and can lead to toxic mold and mildew to grow. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We say an ounce of waterproofing is worth a dumpster of water damage cleanup. R&F Paint Corp. technicians can save your family or business a ton of trouble by preventing water from entering. Call and ask us what we can do


Whether you are looking to change the color of your roof tiles, remove and then repel mold and mildew, or increase the insulation of your building,R&F Paint Corp. is the right company for the job.

R&F Paint Corp. is a leading provider of Roof Painting services. Our expert roof painters have years of experience and can save heating and cooling costs while making your home or building look great.


Bring new life to your aluminum or vinyl siding with R&F Paint Corp.’s proven system. No peeling, no blistering.

The results are better than new!


R&F Paint Corp.’s expert garage floor coating technicians have years of experience in making the most neglected garage floors look new again.

R&F Paint Corp. begins by carefully preparing the surface by removing dirt, grit and grease and filling in any lines, divots, and cracks. Next, R&F Paint Corp. professionals apply the specific paint, garage floor coating, sealant, urethane or epoxy that has been selected, and complete your job according to your expectations.


Nothing freshens up a tired looking kitchen, bedroom, office or restroom like ceiling painting. R&F Paint Corp. has been a leading provider of Ceiling Painting services for many years. Our expert ceiling painters can make your home or office ceilings look new again, and at a fair price.

R&F Paint Corp. ‘s professional painters complete each job with pride and purpose. They prepare the ceiling by removing old flaking paint, washing dirty areas, filling in cracks and dents, and sanding any rough areas. Next, R&F Paint Corp. painters apply one, two, or three layers of primer and paint as needed to create a long lasting, high quality ceiling finish.


Adding texture to walls can give a room richness and depth.

Some varieties of textured paint come premixed with sandlike particles suspended in the paint. Because of their grittiness, these paints are usually used on ceilings. Another type of textured paint has no granules. It is thick and smooth, and applied to the wall surface, and then textured with special tools.

R&F Paint Corp. is proud to offer Textured Painting. Our expert painters have years of experience in textured painting and can make your walls and ceilings look not only new again, but can add style and sophistication. Textured painting is also a popular choice for dealing with cracks and other imperfections.


R&F Paint Corp. is an experienced supplier of Faux Finishes. Our trained painters can make your home or office stylish and sophisticated, and new paint always makes thing look new again.

R&F Paint Corp.’s expert faux finishing painters will joyfully assist you choose colors and styles for your faux finish and also supply all the quality materials and skilled labor to execute the project to your expectations


R&F Paint Corp. is a leading provider of wallpaper installation. Our expert wallpaper technicians have years of experience and can hang your wallpaper quickly, saving you hours, if not days, of tedious labor and frustration. When you are ready for new wallpaper, give R&F Paint Corp. a call.


Wallpaper Removal is often a messy, frustrating task. Let R&F Paint Corp. remove your wallpaper and your headaches! R&F Paint Corp. will carefully remove the wall paper as well as any remaining adhesive. Glue that is not fully removed can seep through a fresh coat of paint. We will then properly prepare your surface, filling in any imperfections before we paint. After a solid coat of primer, R&F Paint Corp. will make your walls look new again with a fresh coat of paint.

R&F Paint Corp. guarantees that you will be satisfied with your wallpaper removal. The job will be done to your specification and we go the extra mile to make sure you are happy you chose R&F Paint Corp..


Venetian plaster can give any wall or ceiling a glamorous look that creates an illusion of depth and texture, similar to polished marble or natural stone.

Venetian plaster may also be referred to as marbelizing. R&F Paint Corp. crafts this look by applying thin layers of plaster with a special tool, and then burnishing them to create an ultra smooth, two-tone gloss.

R&F Paint Corp.’s expert tradesman have years of experience with Venetian plaster, and can give your rooms the sophisticated look you’re after.